I am a dreamer. I dream of the "could've been" or the "will be." I dream of possibilities. This blog is a tiny scope of my view of fashion and style. As a lifelong fashion lover, I've learned so much. The most important aspect of my learning is the difference between fashion and style. fashions are trends. It's the NOW thing! It's what everyone is wearing and what everyone wants to buy. I'm different though. Style is not what you wear, how much it cost, nor where you purchased it. Style is how you wear it! I feel like my blog differs from the rest because I don't waste my time on brand names and designers I'll never be able to afford. Yet, I take what I have and work with it. I thrift shop. And proud to say it. The Clothes Mind, to me, means my self-conscious mind and my clothes coming together as one.  There are not enough words to describe me or my style. Read my blog and you shall see.



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